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Some designs seem so simple, that it looks like the designer took the easy road out and whipped something up real quick so they wouldn’t have to spend a whole lot of time on it. The thing about this is, that simple can actually be harder.

To make something simple, there must be a lot of thought that goes into it to make it feel simple and clean. Take the twitter logo for example. A little bird right? Yes, but can you see that it is actually created with circles?

Twitter Bird Rings


By looking at this image, you can quickly see how this simple clean design can actually be complicated to create. The twitter logo was actually created using only circles. I count 13 that I can see, and there’s possibly even more. I don’t know what was going through the designers head when they was designing this, but it could be how twitter is used and how it overlaps all over the world.


What can be taken away from this? Receiving a simple design, doesn’t always mean that the designer is taking the easy way out. They could in fact have worked extremely hard to have that design. Spending time writing down thoughts, and working on small little sketches can help a designer create something that stands for something and is meaningful, and memorable.

Why is any of this even important? Simple design is memorable, it is easy to use, and doesn’t ask you to concentrate to hard on what you’re looking at. Take a website for example. When you, as a visitor to a website, instinctively know how to navigate around the site, you can find the information you’re looking for easily and without frustration, know that someone had to spend time thinking about what it was going to take to convey the message across the site, and how the end users would use it.

I’m personally working on creating simple designs recently. Creating layer upon layer upon layer, to cover up problem areas of a design to make it work, can be a way of cutting corners and whipping something up quickly as well (not always, but sometimes). I think simple designs that are well thought out and executed are more valuable than designs that look like they were worth the money, because maybe they weren’t worth the money.