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Roll Up Banner

Project Description

We were tasked with creating a display booth to gain attention to get sign ups for the youth group. The idea was using big arrows pointing in the direction of the booth. Instead of creating one large banner that would hang above the booth pointing down to the booth, we designed 3 roll up banners that when placed next to each other created one large image that spanned across all the banners. To save costs, we decided to work on creating each banner so that it could stand alone and be used as directional signage. The results were amazing.

Project Details

Client New Covenant Bible Church
Date May 2014
Skills Graphic Design, Print

3 Banners. 1 Display.

Creating 1 large display is easy. Making that display able to be separated and used individually is hard. The final printed banner was on a high quality 13mm canvas material. The quality is outstanding. The nice part about the roll up banners is that they are extremely portable. They can be set up anywhere, and they roll down into a small stand. They even come with a vinyl carrying case for storage when they’re not being used.

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