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2014 Veritas Year in Review

Project Description

Veritas Church was coming up on a new fiscal year, and wanted a way to to show what had happened during the past year. We decided to start the video out with a verse that summed up the past year, and a motion graphics package to show a brief history of Veritas Church. We transitioned from the history portion of the video into a 2 camera shoot by using some footage of personal stories that had recently been shared in their church. The last part of the video was the three pastors on staff talking about what has happened over the past year, and where they are planning on going in the future.

Project Details

Client Veritas Church
Date May 11
Skills Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Video Acquisition, Directing

Motion Graphics

The video opened up with simple shape drawings that matched the beat and tempo of the music. Motion Graphics are great to be used to convey information quickly, so we paired them with a voice over, and the results worked really well.

Video Editing

We used a 2 camera set up to record from different angles, and did 4 takes of the video changing the angle for each camera for each take. This gave lots of options for shot selection and phrasing as they didn’t say everything the same way every time. After editing the footage was done, Color Correction was used to match the cameras, and audio editing to make sure that the audio levels stayed at a constant volume throughout the video.

It turned out really well, and communicated their message really clearly and concisely.

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