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Rockwell Collins & The United Way

Project Description

Rockwell Collins is a partner with the United Way and encourages its employees to serve outside the walls of the offices. They are a large donor to the United Way, and to associated organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club and The Young Parents Network among others. Beehive was commissioned to help spread the word to the employees of Rockwell Collins to encourage them to get involved.

Project Details

Client Rockwell Collins
Date October 2014
Skills Video Production

Young Parents Network

We shot a video of Beau, a Rockwell Collins employee, who shared his personal experience with being the recipient of services from the Young Parents Network, and now how he’s able to give back to them. The video was used on Rockwell Collins own intranet for employees to view. It helped motive people to get involved with United Way whether personally serving, or giving financially.

Day of Caring

A group of Rockwell Collins employees spent the day serving the Boys and Girls club through the United Way. They spent time cleaning and making the facilities where the children meet into a cleaner and better environment so they could be better served. We made this video to help spread the word to the employees of Rockwell Collins about how their department can get involved in serving with United Way. It became a catalyst for interest and involvement in what the United Way and The Boys and Girls Club are doing in the lives of children.

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