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Mobile Website for
New Covenant Bible Church

The Challenge

New Covenant Bible Church’s mobile website was out of date. It was designed in 2007, and desperately needed an update. They use a church management system (CMS) called Arena by Shelby Systems as the backbone for their site, so it needed to be coded so that it worked with their CMS so that updates were quick, and that the information was always up to date. It needed to be able to pull user data stored in Arena for Online Giving information as well.

The Solution

Keeping a separate mobile website made more sense than a responsive design in this case because users didn’t need to experience the entire website on their mobile device, they only needed quick information. We started with a slider that would have important info that wasn’t standard to the mobile site, that would open up the full website to get the details for more information. The buttons below the slider gave the quick information that visitors needed.

A Mobile Site with 3 Major Areas

The site was created to have 3 areas. The phone number is very visible in the header, and is clickable so that users can click to dial the church. The slider is used to put important information on the mobile site that isn’t a standard button on the site. The buttons below the slider are always on the site, and are clear and quick ways to get the information site visitors need fast. It was important that these buttons were easy to use since most visitors on mobile are looking for quick information such as Service Times or information on Upcoming Events. New Covenant Bible Church offers online giving, so we wanted to make sure there was a way to do that quickly whether during the service or later on, so a button was created for that as well. A lot of first time visitors visit the mobile website first, so driving directions were included so that they could pull up a map really quickly.

Header with clickable phone number

Quick Information Buttons

Slider to highlight important details

Made to have the same look and feel as the desktop site



Mobile Site Refreshed

Mobile Refresh

Cleaner design that allows for simpler use for mobile site visitors on phones and tablets.


Designed to match the New Covenant brand, and look like the desktop site version, so it’s clear to visitors that they are on the correct site.

Easy To Use Links

Dynamic links on mobile site for phone calls and driving directions so that one digit isn’t missed so that visitors are directed correctly the first time.



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