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Project Description

This motion graphic element was created to be a short intro piece for a campaign for a small private school. The campaign was called “Amplify”, and it was all about getting excited about moving forward. They wanted a logo design, and to put it to motion. The motion graphic piece was used at the beginning of all of the videos produced for the campaign, and as the intro to the campaign website. To make it loud, I used speakers and amplifiers, and lots of them. Building complex 3D arrays that exploded because of the power they were producing, was the concept we came up with, and it looks and feels loud.

Project Details

Client Isaac Newton Christian Academy
Date December 2012
Skills Logo Design, Motion Graphics

Logo Design

For the logo, we used a thin type, that had big openings inside the letters. When you look at a speaker, you can see the ring around the speaker and the speaker inside of it. Leaving a lot of space inside the letters allowed them to breathe, and give a large sense of space. The text was created in 3D with some bevels that made the thin white part of the text really stand out. Adjusting the position and rotation of each letter gave the look and feel of the text being amplified so much that it was being blown apart.

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